How to use Dragon City Hack Cheat – Unlimited GEMS , GOLD and FOOD [ Tutorial+Download ] – YouTube

Get your Dragon City Hack / Cheat, go to download hack dragon city

Download the Dragon City Hack:
download hack dragon city

Thanks for watching my Dragon City Hack/Cheat video.
As you can see from my video it’s pretty easy to use this hack. To get free and unlimited gold, food and gems to use on your Dragon City, you simply need this tool , the “Dragon City Hack v3.1” and run it.

This Dragon City Hack works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, on Apple OS X , and Ubuntu ( Linux ).

After you downloaded the Dragon City Hack / Cheat open and extract it to your desktop.

Once you are done, open the Dragon City Hack and let it load.

Now, that you’ve successfully loaded the Dragon City Hack please select how much Food, Gold and Gems you want from the options prompted.

Check the box for which, Food, Gold, Gems you want to Hack on Dragon City.

Once you are done, chose which browser you are using to play Dragon City and simply click Hack.

After clicking, wait for the Dragon City Hack progress bar to fill up, once it’s filled up your Dragon City Points ( Gold, Food, Gems ) have been successfully hacked, permanently!

Privacy Policy and Usage:
I’ve given this program to many people on various forums.
Think of your own creative way of using this never ending stream of gold, gems and food and have fun!
Once downloaded you agree not to share this tool, and not to modify it’s content.

Download the Dragon City Hack here:
download hack dragon city

Virus Scan can be found here:…

If you have any questions feel free to Private Message me on youtube or to post below.
I do not own nor do I claim to own Dragon City. Social Point owns Dragon City. I am not responsible for what you do with this tool and this program was created for educational purposes only.

How to use Dragon City Hack Cheat – Unlimited GEMS , GOLD and FOOD [ Tutorial+Download ]…
download dragon city cheat


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